IOU06 Quick-Start-Guide

In this quick-start guide we will show the basic functions of the IOU06.

For most functions, you need the service address of the IOU06.

Determine the Service Address of your IOU06

Io4Edge Devices are usually addressed by their service address, which is a name in the network.

The IOU06’s service name depends on the ModuCop’s slot and is usually S101-IOU06-USB-EXT-<slot-number>[-<function>], i.e. if the IOU06 is in the slot next to ModuCops CPU01, we have the following service names:

Service Name Description Port
S101-IOU06-USB-EXT-1 Core function 9999
S101-IOU06-USB-EXT-1-ibis IBIS 10000
S101-IOU06-USB-EXT-1-com COM (mutually exclusive with CAN) 10001
S101-IOU06-USB-EXT-1-can CAN (mutually exclusive with COM) 10001
S101-IOU06-USB-EXT-1-gpio Binary Outputs 10002

If you are unsure, you can also browse the available devices:

ssh root@<moducop-ip>

Once logged in into the Moducop Shell:

io4edge-cli scan -f





Binary Outputs

(will be added soon)