io4edge Device Management

Notice This chapter is work-in-process, will be completed soon. Stay tuned.

All io4edge devices support Device Management over Network for

  • Device Scanning
  • Device Identification
  • Firmware Update
  • Firmware Identification
  • Inventory Data
  • Device Reboot


Although the device management functions can be used through the API provided by the Go client library, the easiest way is to use the io4edge-cli tool.

Download io4edge-cli

Notice On Moducop, the io4edge-cli is already installed in the Yocto image, download not required!

Download the latest io4edge-cli. Select in Assets the appropriate version:

  • io4edge-cli-vX.Y.Z-linux-amd64.tar.gz for Linux on standard x86 PCs
  • io4edge-cli-vX.Y.Z-linux-arm64.tar.gz or io4edge-cli-vX.Y.Z-linux-arm.tar.gz for Linux ARM systems

Info: Windows is currently not supported.

Download the file to your personal Downloads folder.

Get io4edge CLI

Set PATH Variable

Open up a terminal and install the CLI to the ~/bin directory.

$ mkdir -p ~/bin
$ tar zxf ~/Downloads/io4edge-cli-v<version>-linux-<arch>.tar.gz -C ~/bin io4edge-cli
$ echo PATH="$PATH:~/bin" >> ~/.bashrc
$ source ~/.bashrc

Verify that your PATH variable settings have been successfully by executing the io4edge CLI.

$ io4edge-cli version
io4edge-cli v0.1.6

Device Identification

Each io4edge device has a Device ID, which is used to identify the device in the network, see this section for details.

We recommend to set an application specific Device ID for all WLAN and Ethernet based io4edge modules, for USB based modules, this is not required, as a Device ID has been set in the factory.

You can change the Device ID with io4edge-cli if you know either the service address or the IP address of the io4edge device.

If the IP address is, change the Device ID as follows:

$ ./io4edge-cli -i program-devid my-device-id
Device id was set to my-device-id
Restart of the device required to apply the new device id.

Or if you know the service address:

$ ./io4edge-cli -d S103-MIO01-b4e31793-f660-4e2e-af20-c175186b95be program-devid my-device-id
Device id was set to my-device-id
Restart of the device required to apply the new device id.

Or read Device ID:

$ ./io4edge-cli -i get-parameter device-id
my-device-id (TODO)

On WLAN/Ethernet io4edge devices, you can change the Device ID over the USB console:


Firmware Management

io4edge devices support firmware identification and updates over network.

Get Current Firmware Version

$ ./io4edge-cli -d S103-MIO01-b4e31793-f660-4e2e-af20-c175186b95be fw
Firmware name: fw_esp_mio01_default, Version 1.0.0

Update Firmware

To perform a firmware update you need a Firmware Package, a file ending with .fwpkg. A firmware package contains the firmware binary and a manifest file. The io4edge-cli checks if the firmware is suitable for the device before loading it.