Installation Requirements

This section gives installation requirements and guidance on how ModuCop has to be installed to enable proper and safe operation.

Electrical Installation Requirements

External Fuse

Do not use ModuCop without an EXTERNAL FUSE! If you are unsure, which fuse type and characteristics to choose, contact Ci4Rail.

The following table describes the requirements to the fuse depending on the nominal input voltage of your power system.

Nominal Voltage Required Fuse
24V DC 2.5A medium time-lag
36V DC 1.6A medium time-lag
110V DC 1A medium time-lag


ModuCop is a protection class I device (protective earth).

It is mandatory to connect protective earth first and disconnect last for any installation action!

Use proper components and cable equipment to establish a safe and stable earth connection.

Protective earth bolt is located on the front of installed power supply unit.

ModuCop Edge Computer

Mechanical Installation Requirements

To benefit from all ModuCop features, proper mounting in permanent vehicle installation is essential.

Please use Ci4Rail’s accessories for mounting

Mounting Orientation

When mounted in wall or DIN rail assembly, the following mounting orientations are possible:

Horizontal Mounting

ModuCop Edge Computer

Vertical Mounting

ModuCop Edge Computer

In order to enable proper heat dissipation, the Edge Computer shall be mounted horizontally with a maximum tilt in the direction of the connector front of 30°.

ModuCop Edge Computer

Please avoid mounting which prevents heat dissipation!

ModuCop Edge Computer

Keep Free Areas

Since ModuCop is completely passively cooled, the installation must allow for natural air convection through clearances with specific distances to adjacent equipment.

Keep free areas apply to any mounting option

The following figures show clearence areas:

  • Top & bottom areas to be kept free from further installations

    ModuCop Edge Computer

    ModuCop Edge Computer

  • Left & right areas to be kept free from further installations

    ModuCop Edge Computer

For details please refer to Installation Guide.