For Your Safety

Ci4Rail has carefully developed and produced the product to meet all product features and to ensure high quality for a long product life.

Nevertheless, to ensure that you as the product user have long lasting satisfaction with our product and to prevent bodily injury during handling of the product, please read the following safety instructions carefully.

We know it’s boring, but it prevents damage to yourself and the product.

General Safety Instructions

  • Please read the safety instructions carefully.
  • For future reference, note the link to this user documentation.
  • Store, install and operate the product only within it’s specifications to prevent personal and product damage.
  • Always apply recommended voltage and power source settings.
  • Always apply proper earthing before powering.
  • Do not operate the product in case of
    • Obvious damage
    • Product was exposed to liquid
    • Power cord is damaged.

    .. in this case, exchange product and send request for inspection.

  • Unverified accessories may cause malfunction or damage to the product. Please use only recommended accessories by Ci4Rail.

Protection from Electric Shock

  • Remove from power before product installation or de-installation
  • Remove from power before asseccories installing / de-installing
  • Do not open the product; For safety reasons (product can be operated at higher voltage level than 60V DC), only qualified service personnel shall open the product.
  • Protect the product from water or liquid sources - for cleaning, please use a dry or damp cloth.

Protection from Hot Surface

The product is designed for lowests power consumption. Nevertheless, depending on product’s use and environmental temperature, product surfaces might be hot. To avoid injuries, please let the product cool down for 5 mins (unpowered) before handling.

Electrostatic Sensitive Products

The product’s sensitive components are protected by the housing. Nevertheless, beware that damage can be done by improper handling of electrical components, especially when you open the service flap or handle with accessories.


The product is designed for protective earthing. Please apply earthing for any of the following conditions:

  • operative use in vehicles
  • use with input power higher than 60V DC

Earthing prevents damage to persons and the product. Please follow the earthing instructions described in Powering

Instruction for Battery

CAUTION: The equipment offers the installation of a battery for battery-powered real-time clock. There is a risk of explosion if a battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace only with same or equivalent type as recommended by the manufacturer. Discard all used batteries according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Please refer to user manual section “How to replace battery”.

For further information, please contact Ci4Rail.