In this section you will unpack your ModuCop and get ready to connect and power it for the first time.

Unpack ModuCop

  • Remove ModuCop from its packaging and check the delivered equipment for completeness.
  • Check ModuCop and the delivered equipment for any visible damage. In case of any shipping damage or inconsistencies between the contents and the original order, contact Ci4Rail for help and information.
  • Please do not dispose of the original packaging. Keep original packaging for storage and future transport.

Check the Delivered Equipment

If you have ordered ModuCop including the Starter kit (ACS01), the content consists of:

  1. ModuCop
  2. Power supply unit
  3. GPS antenna (active)
  4. Ethernet cables with CAT 6 modular couplers
  5. LTE antenna
  6. Wi-Fi antenna

ModuCop with ACS01

Otherwise you will need the accessories described here.

Achievements in this Section

ModuCop is unpacked and you checked the delivered content. Now let’s start to connect everything and turn it on.