ModuSio I/O Modules

Welcome to ModuSio I/O Modules. Our IP-based Modular Smart Input/Output modules for rail and public transport intelligently close the gap between any data source and the control computer. IP-based connections (LAN, WLAN) guarantee independence, abstraction and easy integration.

ModuSio expands existing systems with missing interfaces and sensors by simply integrating them into IP-based networks. ModuSio modules complement third-party devices as well as Ci4Rail’s ModuCop.

ModuSio Intro

IO-Module Description
MIO01 - Rail Compliant Discrete I/O MIO01 - IP based remote rail compliant discrete I/O.
MIO03 - MVB/CAN Sniffer MIO03 - IP based remote Non-retroactive MVB / CAN sniffer
MIO04 - CAN & Serial Interfaces MIO04 - IP based remote serial & CAN interface unit for edge applications in rail system.
MIO07 - 16 Channel Binary I/O MIO07 - IP based remote binary input/output module for edge applications in railway and automotive systems