ModuCop Quick-Start-Guide


Congratulations: You made the right decision on deciding for Ci4Rail’s products. Welcome to the user documentation.

This section gives you guidance to get started in less then 30 minutes. You can expect all necessary information on equipment and a step by step walk-through to make your first experience with ModuCop.

We understand, that your are very excited and eager to start working with our products. Nevertheless, please take some time to carefully read our page For your Safety.

Done? Really? OK, then let’s get started!

ModuCop Edge Computer

This is the ModuCop quick start guide, which shows you the first steps with your ModuCop device. These include unboxing, connecting and powering as well as connecting the device to the internet.

What You Need

  • ModuCop Starter Kit
  • or a ModuCop plus some Accessories

  • A Windows or Linux development PC with an ssh client, to be able to login into ModuCop with a secure connection.
  • An ethernet network with a DHCP server to connect the ModuCop and your development PC.

  • If you want to connect ModuCop via LTE with the Internet:
    • A Nano-SIM Card
    • The SIM-Card’s Pin

Let’s Start