IOU06 Quick-Start-Guide / IBIS Demo

IBIS Quick Start

The IOU06’s IBIS master appears as a serial port to the ModuCop. This section only explains how to find the tty device for IBIS. A simple demo isn’t possible, because it’s a IBIS master or IBIS Slave only. Therefore, you must attach it to one or more slave devices or a slave simulator, and you need a piece of code that implements the IBIS protocol (for example pyFIS).

Preparation Steps:

  • Connect a PC and ModuCopto the same network, e.g. by using an Ethernet Switch or a Wifi Access Point
  • From the PC, login into the ModuCop via ssh

Check whether IOU06 IBIS port is recognized on ModuCop

ModuCop’s linux image is configured to detected COM Ports of io4edge devices automatically.

For each detected COM port, a linux device /dev/tty<device-ID>-<port> is created. For example, if your device ID is S101-IOU06-USB-EXT-1, you’ll find the following tty device for IBIS:

root@moducop-cpu01: ~# ls -l /dev/ttyS101-IOU06-USB-EXT-1*
crw-rw---- 1 root dialout 199, 3 Jul 28 13:33 /dev/ttyS101-IOU06-USB-EXT-1-ibis